An unmatched collection of 10,000 NFT playing cards, offering our members unique perks, prizes, and privileges spanning both the metaverse and real world.

The Art

Designed by world-renowned playing card artist and designer Oban Jones, these handcrafted cards represent up to 7 different rarity traits (including special edition gold, iridescent, crypto, and other unique designs, paying homage to our many royal influences).

Featuring 192 Decks plus 16 Jokers, no two Players cards will ever be the same. Each NFT was deliberately designed and imagined as a standalone object of fine art.

Royal Society Players cards are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS for immutable ownership.

Card Stack

The Legend of the Royal Society of Players

Greetings friends, and welcome to our Speakeasy Headquarters!

Walking through a dimly lit hidden entrance in the heart of town, a smile crosses your face. You’re engulfed by the aromatic scent of cigars and rare whiskey, the sounds of laughter filling the air; you know you have arrived. The prohibition era may be over, but the thrill of secret hallways, whispered conversations and discovery certainly lives on inside.

The anticipation grows as you enter; yet another enchanted evening lies ahead at the Royal Society! Old friends and new acquaintances arrive from around the world for the most exclusive gathering of the year. Looking around, you smile at familiar faces ranging from athletes and celebrities, art collectors to bankers, programmers and ballerinas. In a group that enjoys fine wine and refined entertainment, many different types of games are played. Players bring their custom playing cards collected from all over the world, featuring never-before-seen rarities and exquisite oddities. Drinks are mixed, handshakes exchanged, and cards are shuffled.

The morning after, we all return in an Absinthe haze to collect our precious belongings. After all, these cards are so much more than they appear – they are in fact your keys to the Royal Society. For Players looking to join the next soirée, and connect with your peers both in the metaverse and in real life, we invite you to join the club and mint your cards, which have conveniently been left behind around the room for you to admire, cherish, and collect.


Accumulating desirable metaverse assets for members-exclusive usage

Plans include developing a virtual Headquarters in Sandbox/Decentraland, expanding our ZED stable with breeding giveaways, and acquiring new NFTs from drops to distribute to our members. This is an active fund that acquires assets as the market evolves.


A platform to engage our community across the metaverse and real life

To promote networking and engagement, we will host member-only virtual events and live meetups in key cities such as Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, London (etc) including large industry gatherings such as Consumer Electronics Show (CES), South by Southwest (SXSW) and Bitcoin Conference Miami.


Royal Society members will receive a free special second bonus NFT

Following our initial drop, each card holder at the time of snapshot will receive a free (+ gas) companion NFT as a sign of gratitude. Please note that Royal Society will reward those lucky Players who hold both the original genesis drop and the second generation item, as they will each have separate and combined utility.


Rewards of multiple cards with prizes, rewards, and real-world benefits

Collectors who possess multiple cards that comprise a strong Poker hand will earn rewards including Ethereum, coveted NFTs, metaverse benefits, sporting games / concerts / luxury suite access, and other benefits.


Providing our members with the best of physical goods and experiences

Custom playing cards. Poker chips. Flights and hotel upgrades. Status perks. Discounted and free tickets. We will unveil several partnerships with merchandise, travel, sports, luxury, and entertainment brands.


Supporting our Members with dedicated $1,000 grants to host local meetups and activities

Our members will be eligible for at least 100 community grants ($100,000+) to get together with new and old friends and host local Royal Society activities around the world!

High Utility NFTs - Our Philosophy

We are delighted to reveal an outrageous lineup of experiences, partnerships, and rewards that will be provided to our members at launch. Additionally, we are excited to share more about our philosophy for long term utility, along with a small sample of what is to come:

  • Collecting: Each card gives holders membership into the Royal Society of Players which includes rewards such as prizes, raffles, giveaways, and physical benefits. Without revealing all that is in store (keeping a few proverbial aces up our sleeve), we can drop hints that unique benefits will be conferred to holders of more than one Players Card, and, certainly, those which may comprise a strong poker hand. For example, unique rewards will be offered to those who gather two-of-a-kind, three-of-a-kind, straights, flushes, full houses, and of course, the most coveted of all: the eponymous Royal Flush––from which our society takes its name.
  • Convening: Our philosophy anchors on providing Players card holders with tangible benefits and opportunities - starting with an invitation to our New York City “Summer Rooftop Launch Party” tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, August 18th. Recognizing that not all our members are local, we will be giving away two (2) New York City travel packages – each including domestic airfare and two-night luxury hotel stay for two (2) guests. This will be the first of many travel, sports, and entertainment packages and virtual experiences that will be offered all over the world.
  • Community: Royal Society takes pride in community building and instilling a culture that is diverse, inclusive, uplifting, philanthropic, innovative, and playful. From hosting virtual poker tournaments with Cash Prizes, to our community program awarding $100,000 in grants to members for hosting local activities, and our global meetups in key cities such as Las Vegas, Chicago, Frankfurt, Singapore, London, Los Angeles, etc – we strive to be the VIP platform of choice for NFT collectors spanning both the metaverse and real world.