Claim your Generation 2 Royal Society of Players Chips Shortly

Double Down & Go All-In!

Beginning on Friday, September 3rd at 5pm EST, Players will have the opportunity to claim one (1) RSOP Chip for every one (1) RSOP Card they own . These stunning “companion” poker chips offer randomized rarities, as hand crafted by Oban Jones, the same world - renowned designer of the original Royal Society cards.

During the one-week window for claiming (that expires on September 10th at 5pm EST) members can mint via the website in a “free + gas” transaction. To prevent any issues with gas a limit of 30 maximum per transaction has been added.

While there will never be a comparable token to our incredible 16 Jokers, confirming that the new Companion drop does include 16 “Priceless” Chips which are rare, desirable, and valuable among other highly-sought Royal Society Chips.

Card Stack

The Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the details of the Royal Society Chips Companion Drop and learn more about the inner-workings of each aspect.

Everyone who owns a Royal Society of Players card is able to claim their companion here, in a free (+gas) transaction.
To ensure transparency in the secondary market, our website will guide if a companion has already been claimed. You can click here to view our redemption checking page.
There is no rush to claim, we strongly encourage you to do this during a period of low gas anytime over the coming week.
The chips have been pre-randomized, and you will claim the matching Token ID to your Players Card (for example, Players Card #1234 will claim Royal Chip #1234). Each chip is not trait matched to the card.
You will be able to claim individually or “claim max” which is a function set up to 30 max. We initially were going to do mint all, but for reasons having to do with gas/spiking, allowing for individual mints larger than 30 at a time would lead to excessive cost. So for those in Club 52, apologies, you’ll do this in two transactions which actually preserves gas.
Our chips will be instant reveal with stunning 2D, but as announced, we are pioneering an element with “front + back” rarities. Cool! The gorgeous 3D reveal will be in one week (at the end of the claim window) to keep a little suspense. In the meantime, please check your metadata closely, there may be something rare to be revealed on the back of your chip.
Royal Society Chips will have up to seven (7) rarity traits, and Rarity.Tools will be available in about a week, once the claim window closes. As an indication, we can generally guide that a trait under 2-4 percent will be on the rarer side.
Any unclaimed Chips at the end of the weeklong period will be transferred to the Royal Vault, where they will remain untouched for an extended period of time (6-12+ months). Ultimately, the long-term plan is for Chips to be transferred back to our collectors as rewards, prizes, giveaways, etc and knowing they will continue to appreciate in value with time this is of benefit to the community.